About Me

Alec Tewsley-Booth

Hey, I’m Alec Tewsley-Booth, and I’m glad to have you here. I’m a physicist specializing in magnetometry and precision tests of fundamental physics. I’m currently a postdoctoral research fellow on the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab and have been a part of the experiment since 2013. More recently in 2021, I have joined neutron EDM experiments at both Los Alamos and Oakridge National Labs.

A physicist has many jobs. The obvious one, doing research and discovering new things about the universe, is absolutely a joy. However, there are other jobs that a physicist does that are just as important and just as rewarding. I believe that every physicist is also an educator, whether they are teaching intro classes to undergraduates or explaining their new results and theories through peer-reviewed journals. What’s the point of discovery if you don’t put in the effort to effectively share what you have learned? To that end, I work towards understanding both science and education.

Outside of work, I approach my interests with the same curiosity and research-driven methods that I approach my work. I am an avid fan of games, especially tabletop games, and I love to learn new ones. I’ll spend days writing bits of code to help me understand and optimize my competitive gameplay (I find the theory of games, distinct from game theory, fascinating). I also enjoy painting miniatures for both my games and for the sheer joy of art. I find and research new techniques to improve my painting, sculpting, and modeling methods. This is who I am; I constantly seek to broaden all my horizons and help others to do the same.

Last updated on 18 October 2022.